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Almond Alaska (cov)

Self fertile and soft shell almond

Variety with extra late flowering (a few days before Penta and Makako) and with an intermediate maturity (Ferragnes period).

High productivity

Percentage of kernel:

  • with full shell:53%
  •  with only inner shell: 62%

Intellectuel property

Breeder : CEBAS

License manager : IPS


Port : Medium

Vigour : High

Flowering time

Flowering time : late

Self-fertility : Yes


Maturity : -7j Lauranne®

Our suggestions

Walnut Barona (cov)

Maturity : -5j Ferbel (témoin)

Its « extraordinary » average size, number of fruit per inflorescence, ease to pollinate and type of fruiting make Barona an exceptional and innovative variety in the current range.

This characteristic allow Barona to establish itself in cultivation areas where traditional varieties are not productive enough and to extend the production area.

This new variety is intended for areas with little frost and behaves very well in areas with medium chilling unit (~ 500h cold below 7.2ºC). Very good behavior in the south of Portugal.

Walnut Barquesa (cov)

Maturity : 0j Ferbel (témoin)

This new variety type Chandler presents an important qualitative evolution with a higher dominant size, extra quality of kernel, lower need of chilling hours than Chandler (600) and excellent productivity.

The strong vigor of BARQUESA does not penalize its quick fruit set.

Its late budburst period (LARA period, 5/6 days after FERBEL) limits the risk of spring frost in risk areas.

Almond Independence®

Maturity : -25j Lauranne®

Self compatible variety, with sweet and flavoursome organoleptic qualities and a very high productivity in all regions.

Most planted variety in the USA.

Low alternate bearing.

Almond Florida (cov)

Maturity : -30j Lauranne®

Self fertile and soft shell almond.

Flowering time is early (same as Nonpareil or Marcona), and the maturity period is extra early (few days before Antoñeta).

High yield.

Percentage of kernel :

  • with the whole shell : 48%
  • with the inner shell only : 61%

Maturity chartMaturity chart