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An amazing family tale which started in 1933 with the establishment of the Darnaud nursery. As a pioneer in his activity Marcel Darnaud was fascinated by the various fruit varieties, even though the profession of fruit variety license manager did not exist at that time ! In the 60’new revolutionary varieties are developed by North American nurserymen. It is at this time that the Darnaud Family decided to contribute to the spreading of this progress through the importation of Californian varieties. From then on the activity of fruit variety selection and license management at the service of the plant breeders took off.

In 1992, the Darnaud Family decided to separate its stone fruit new varieties research and development activity from its traditional nursery plant production work : International Plant Selection was born (IPS).

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From nursery plant production to variety selection

The Darnaud family tale


Marcel Darnaud established a nursery in Vion in the Ardèche region, famous for its fruit production. He focusedhis attention on new fruit varieties, although the profession of fruit variety selector and license manager did not exist yet.

Following the tragic death of Marcel Darnaud during the second World Wide War, his wife Pauline took over the enterprise. Anticipating the development of fruit production she choose to strategicallyincrease the surface of the Darnaud nursery by buying more land located in the heart of the Rhône valley. The region offered indeed not only the possibility to acquire larger plots, but also the advantage of an excellent irrigation system, thanks to the proximity of the Rhône river as well as better transport logistic allowed by the Rhône-Alpes axis.

At the end of his tertiary studies, Jean-Pierre, the eldest son of Pauline and Marcel, travelled in theUnited States. During this visit he met Floyd Zaiger, a young man skilled in plant hybridisation. A durable and still current collaboration was born from this meeting with Zaiger Genetics.
In the same year, the Darnaud Nurseries became a founding member of Mondial Fruit Sélection, an association from the Pays de la Loire region gathering professional murserymenled by the will to develop new fruit varieties.

After 30 years, it was time for the Darnaud Family to step back and regain some independence from the association created withMondial Fruit Sélection. After the death of his mother, Jean-Pierre Darnaud took over the enterprise in 1988, and assisted by his nephew Alexandre Darnaudofficially created International Plant Selection (IPS).
This enterprisespecialised into research, development and selection of stone fruit varieties : apricots, peaches, nectarines, clingstones, cherries, plums, and original crosses such as pluots ®

In the same pioneer spirit of his mother, Pauline Darnaud, Jean-Pierre followed the markets evolutions and created a spanish branch in the Murcie region. The IPS Iberica subsidiary was born, managed by his nephew who relocated on site.

Following the death of Jean-Pierre Darnaud, his son Julien, who joined IPS in 2006, and his nephew Alexandre, took the lead of IPS.

A strong team

Passionate and

Progressing hand in hand with fruit producers

Julien Darnaud
Alexandre Darnaud
PhD Baptiste Guitton
Directeur R&D
Marc Hilaire
Gloria Guerra Perez
Responsable Espagne et Portugal
Pascal Cour
Responsable verger France
José Victorio
Responsable verger Espagne
Michael Oosthuizen
Responsable Afrique du Sud

A strong team

Passionate and

Progressing hand in hand with fruit producers

One of the pillars of IPS is its team, which is of human size is committed, young and dynamic.

Driven by transparency and authenticity, IPS team is at the service of breeders and fruit producers aiming to guarantee them total satisfaction. Its members are mobile meeting clients on site in order to identify the best varieties best suited to the requirements ofeach country.

IPS team members are also the ambassadors of French business excellence : frankness and warmth in the contact, reliability, elegance, attentive listening.

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