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Yellow flesh nectarines

Floyd ZAIGER was a pioneer in the development of an strong stone fruit genetic pool. BIG TOP® is certainly his most famous achievement, the most well-known variety, which started to be propagated in Montélimar in 1984. Still in production, it is also used as a variety genitor for many modern early, mid-season or late varieties. ZAIGER GENETICS is at the origin of a second revolution with the development of the HONEY fruit series, and the HONEY ZEE® trademark is already famous amongst the European buyers. On this Internet site, you will find all information related to this fruit group and how to grow the different varieties now available to all fruit growers.

Earli May®

Maturity : -7j Earli Bomba®

Medium chilling variety to produce in meridional areas.

Earli Bomba®

Maturity : -18j Big Haven®

Exceptional variety for this maturity period : coloration, fruit size, firmness are amazing.

Medium chilling variety to produce only in meridional areas

Easy to train.

Big Glory®

Maturity : -5j Earli Bomba®

Very low plit cores susceptibility.

Early variety with a very nice presentation.

Adapted in all production areas.

June Glory®

Maturity : +6j Big Glory®

Nice variety to follow BIG GLORY®.

Very attractive presentation.

High fruit size potential.

Very early variety.

Honey Sun®

Maturity : +8j Big Glory®

Medium chilling variety to produce only in meridional areas.

Big sized fruit and amazing organoleptic qualities.

Big Haven®

Maturity : -12j Big Top® (Témoin)

Highly productive variety.

Honey Top®

Maturity : -12j Big Top® (Témoin)

Very interessant agronomical characteristics, variety from the commercial range HONEY ZEE®.

Honey Blaze (cov)

Maturity : -10j Big Top® (Témoin)

Very well adapted in all production areas.

Big Top®period.

Very nice presentation for this highly productive variety.

Honey Fire (cov)

Maturity : +5j Honey Blaze (cov)

Very well adapted in all production areas.

Amazing organoleptic qualities.

Highly productive variety, with sizable fruits.

Big Top® (Témoin)

Maturity : times Big Top® (Témoin)

Variété de référence N°1, la variété de nectarine la plus plantée au monde

Honey Bowl®

Maturity : times Big Top® (Témoin)

Big Top® maturity period.

Production potential very high.

To produce in southern areas because of its early flowering time.

Honey Glory®

Maturity : +5j Big Top® (Témoin)

Very good organoleptic qualities.

Variety with high fruit size and production potential.

Honey Kist (cov)

Maturity : +5j Big Top® (Témoin)

Amazing presentation and very slowfruit evolution.

Honey Bright®

Maturity : +7j Big Top® (Témoin)

Very nice variety similar to HONEY ZEE®.

Maturity period between HONEY BLAZE (cov) & HONEY FLAME®.

Fire Top®

Maturity : +10j Big Top® (Témoin)

Very rustic variety, a cautious thinning is recommanded.

Honey Flame®

Maturity : -8j Honey Royale (cov)

Important production potential, in every regions. 

Tree easy to train.

Well situated in all production areas.


Maturity : -5j Honey Royale (cov)

Highly productive variety, easy to train, with very firm and attractive fruits.

Maturity period after Honey Royale (cov).

Honey Queen®

Maturity : times Honey Royale (cov)

Very interesting variety for its attractive presentation, very shiny.

Very well adapted in all production areas.

Honey Royale (cov)

Maturity : -4j Zee Glo (cov) Témoin

Excellent organoleptic qualities.

Exceptionnal presentation and important fruit size.

Very high production potential.

Honey Glo®

Maturity : +3j Zee Glo (cov) Témoin

Fruits are attractive with exceptional organoleptic qualities.

Highly productive variety.

Honey Sugar®

Maturity : +5j Honey Glo®

Very productive late variety.

Very shiny coloration.

Excellent organoleptic qualities.

Red Fair® (témoin)

Maturity : times Red Fair® (témoin)

Une variété remarquable par sa fertilité, à planter à des distances relativement large pour favoriser l'ensoleillement et l'aération des arbres

Red Late®

Maturity : times Red Fair® (témoin)

Easy to train.

Nice improvement of the coloration for its late maturity period.

Honey Late®

Maturity : +8j Red Fair® (témoin)

Variety similar to HONEY ZEE®  with an exceptional presentation for its maturity period.

Late Fair®

Maturity : +11j Red Fair® (témoin)

Remarkable variety for its high fertility.

Remarkable variety for its fertility.

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