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White flesh nectarines

Given that the North American breeders are showing little interest to white flesh nectarines, we encouraged ZAIGER GENETICS to work on developing this product for the European market.
A relatively large range is now on offer, although not as wide as the series of yellow flesh nectarines, as this fruit is essentially destined to the relatively narrow French market.
Remarquable early varieties such as QUEEN RED are now on offer, as well as ROYALE QUEEN and BIG BEL, with impressive size and firmness.

Queen Red®

Maturity : -7j Earliqueen®

Very nice fruit : perfect presentation and very high fruit size potential for the maturity period.

Medium chilling variety, product only in the concerned areas.


Maturity : -7j Royal Queen®

This variety widely planted in eastern Pyrenees is also a reference in southern areas.

Big White®

Maturity : -4j Royal Queen®

Very attractive fruits, with an important fruit size potential and very good organoleptic qualities.

Early flowering variety, but highly productive.

Easy to train, xanthomonas tolerant.

Royal Queen®

Maturity : +7j Earliqueen®

Sizable fruits, with a shiny presentation and exceptional organoleptic qualities.

Queen Gem®

Maturity : +17j Royal Queen®

QUEEN GEM® is a rustic variety. 

Must be pruned on sizable shoots and carefully thinned to secure the fruit size.

Queen Bright®

Maturity : +30j Royal Queen®

Exceptional fruit presentation.

Excellent organoleptic qualities.

Queen Diamond®

Maturity : +6j Queen Bright®

Exceptional presentation and post harvest behaviour.

High production potential.

Queen Glory®

Maturity : -15j Silver Bright®

Very good post harvest behaviour for its late maturity period.

Variety with a high level of coloration.

Queen Globe®

Maturity : -12j Silver Bright®

Late variety with very good general characteristics.

Very good storage capabilities.

Adapted in all production areas.

Silver Bright®

Maturity : +20j Queen Glory®

Perfect presentation of the fruit.

Highly productive.

Very late variety.

Maturity chartMaturity chart