Our fruit varieties


ZAIGER GENETICS has produced some remarquable varieties : the early season EARLIQUEEN, with a purple blue skin, and the mid-season CRIMSON GLO a very productive dark purple variety with a red flesh.
Yellow skinned variety GOLDEN GLOBE has to be noted because of its strong yield. New varieties that are currently in development and close to their release date include 2 purple plums with a good size and excellent flavour, reaching maturity 2 weeks prior to EARLIQUEEN.
It appears clearly that fruits with superior organoleptic qualities will be the PLUOT®, which have the potential to be a game changer. ZAIGER GENETICS is the strongest world breeder and marketer of these inter-varieties fruits. They are the passion of Floyd ZAIGER, according to his own words.


Maturity : +3j Earli Queen®

The first flavoursome yellow plum of the season.

Sweet fruit, without acidity and very crunchy.

Early variety, productive, with overall good qualities.


Maturity : times Honey Dawn (cov)

Exceptionnal variety for this maturity period.

Very early maturity and flowering time.

Honey Dawn (cov)

Maturity : times Earli Queen®

Beautiful early variety, with exceptional organoleptic qualities.

Tasty Sweet®

Maturity : -3j Crimson Glo (cov)

Variety with excellent eating qualities : sweet, crunchy and juicy.

A beautiful, very productive tree.

Hiromi Red (cov)

Maturity : -3j Crimson Glo (cov)

The best variety in the maturity period Black Amber.

Very attractive coloration.

Crimson Glo (cov)

Maturity : +10j Fortune (témoin)

Red flesh variety with a high agronomic potential and very good organoleptic qualities.

Productive in all areas.

Honey Star (cov)

Maturity : +7j Hiromi Red (cov)

Very productive variety.

Excellent organoleptic qualities.

In the continuity of Honey Dawn (cov).

Fortune (témoin)

Maturity : times Fortune (témoin)

Variété avec de bonnes caractéristiques agronomiques et gustative

Polaris SGPR35.17

Maturity : +15j Fortune (témoin)

Excellent organolecptic qualities : sweet, crunchy, juicy.

Strong trees, with regular and high yields.

Golden Globe®

Maturity : +7j Fortune (témoin)

High agronomical potential

Essential variety among the yellow plums

Joanna Red (cov)

Maturity : +10j Fortune (témoin)

Excellent late variety.

Follows FORTUNE with higher organoleptic qualities.

Very good post harvest behaviour.

Late Blue®

Maturity : +24j Joanna Red (cov) Late variety, with a high agronomical potential and an attractive fruit.

Very good post harvest behaviour.

Nice variety between JOANNA RED & ANGELENO.
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