Our fruit varieties

Yellow flesh peaches

Floyd ZAIGER is widely recognised as the best breeder of yellow flesh peaches. The variety ROYAL GLORY is their best achievement.
The initial range of RICH included : EARLIRICH - RUBIRICH - RICH LADY - VISTARICH - SUMMER RICH which were characterised by large, firm and very coloured fruits, and became an asset to the development of European orchards.
The current ROYAL range is exceptional, with large, round and beautifully coloured fruits, showing impressive yields.
Last but not least, the late season SWEET IVAN®, with strong production potential and fruits similar to SWEET HENRY®.

Foton Red (cov)

Maturity : +7j King Zest (cov)

Foton Red (cov) is a very nice variety to fol-low King Zest (cov).

Amazing presentation of the fruit in this very early maturity period.

Low chlling areas only.

IPS N°7®

Maturity : +14j King Zest (cov)

Variété très intéressante pour son créneau précoce et son adaptation en zone medium et low chilling.

La présentation du fruit, la coloration et la forme plate sont exceptionnelles.

Très fort potentiel de production.


Maturity : -10j Sugar Time (cov)

Très bonne variété précoce très peu sensible aux noyaux creux

Sugar Time (cov)

Maturity : -7j Royal Dixie®

Low susceptibility to split cores.

Seasoned flowering time.

The reference of early varieties.

Royal Dixie®

Maturity : +7j Sugar Time (cov)

Sizable and attractiv fruits.

Very nice variety to follow Sugar Time (cov)

Brittney Lane (cov)

Maturity : +10j Sugar Time (cov)

Very well adapted in medium chilling areas.

Exceptional fruit size and production potential for the maturity period.

Royal Bel®

Maturity : -5j Royal Majestic®

Very productive variety

Its high fruit size increases the yield potential in this early maturity period

With its early flowering time, this variety is more adapted in meridional areas

Royal Majestic®

Maturity : -12j Royal Summer®

Very productive variety with an amazing presentation.

Easier to train than rich Lady.

Royal Delicious®

Maturity : +10j Royal Summer®

  Rustic and very productive variety, prefered to ROYAL SUMMER® in high frost riks areas.

Royal Mona (cov)

Maturity : +2j Royal Summer®

Highly attractive fruits

Very good fruit size potential

Nice alternative to ROYAL SUMMER® in areas with high xanthomonas pressure

Royal Summer®

Maturity : -5j Royal Delicious®

Very attractive fruit with nice aromatics flavours.

Very nice variety with high fruit size and yield potential.

Royal Maid®

Maturity : -5j Sweet Dream (cov) Exceptional overall qualities.

Reference variety.

Advised in organic agriculture for its very good tolerance to Taphrina deformans.

Sweet Dream (cov)

Maturity : -5j Royal Pride®

Variety with high yield and fruit size potential.

Royal Pride®

Maturity : +5j Sweet Dream (cov)

Nice fruit size, with a very attractive coloration.

Rustic variety with regular production and sizable fruits.

Royal Jim®

Maturity : -5j Sweet Henry (cov)

Variété tardive produisant d'excellents fruits d'un calibre incroyable pour l'époque

Sweet Henry (cov)

Maturity : +4j Royal Jim®

Very high yield potentialand very regular.

Exceptionnal coloration for the maturity period.

Excellent organoleptic qualities, subacid.

Sweet Ivan®

Maturity : +7j Sweet Henry (cov)

High production potential.

Maturity time just after Sweet Henry (cov), with the same characteristics.

Sweet Juana (cov)

Maturity : +10j Sweet Henry (cov)

Highly shiny and attractive fruit.

Late variety with a high production potential.

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